Advantages of Horizontal Wood Fence


Horizontal wood fences are an excellent selection for homeowners and business owners. They were seeking a cost-effective and environmental-friendly fencing alternative that will mix well into practically any setting. Parallel wood fences are cost-effective, effortless to install, and available in some styles. If well maintained, horizontal wood fences can remain for decades. Below are the seven benefits of horizontal wood fences.

Category of Styles

Horizontal wood fences are attractive because they are accessible in an assortment of styles and wood types. For example, buyers can fancy from western red cedar wood and other kinds of wood. In addition to being able to select the type of wood they wanted, customers can choose the style that they prefer. Horizontal wood fencing style choices include the following:  

  • Board on board
  • Split rail
  • Spaced board
  • Picket
  • Stockade
  • Paddock

Easy to Install

Horizontal wood fences are easy to install. It means that property owners can have privacy faster and with the least disturbance to their home or business. Installation is so straightforward that some property owners even choose to place their horizontal wood fences.


Customers usually choose horizontal wood fencing because they can produce a fully customized property setting. Here are several ways that you can customize horizontal wood fences:

  • You can select your fence height to accommodate your desire level of privacy
  • Wood gates are available in a type of wideness
  • You can stain your horizontal wood fence to suit your surroundings
  • Developments in fence height are easy to obtain by trimming fencing boards
  • Horizontal wood fences can be stained the color of your preference
  • You can mount some matching frame flower boxes to fence rails 


Environmentally-conscious clients are frequently choosing horizontal wood fences because they are now available. With economically-friendly prophylaxes and stabilizers that help decrease swelling while preventing decay and termite damage. Horizontal wood fences are also easily replaceable.


Wood fencing is one of the most low-cost types of fencing accessible to property owners. It is remarkably less costly than wrought iron fences, aluminum fences, or vinyl fences. Keeping up a horizontal wood fence is also affordable. Many wood fences can be maintained using water, a floor cleaner, and a cleaning brush. With conventional care, horizontal wood fences can last 10 to 50 years.

Easy to stain

With wood fencing, you can modify the look of your property by staining your horizontal wood fences. It is a fundamental advantage for property owners who appreciate a change of scenery. In an extension of providing a renewed appearance, staining extends the following benefits:  

  • It helps prevent UV damage and discoloration
  • Rotting is reduced, as staining helps implement a water-resistant coating
  • Staining can help limit your wood fence from splitting

It mingles well with almost any environment

Wood fencing is preferred by homeowners, business owners, and government offices alike because wood fencing blends well with all types of surroundings. As a result, horizontal wood fences can regularly see in the following environments:  

  • University, college, and school property
  • Residential areas
  • Rustic environments
  • Commercial properties
  • Park settings 

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