Advantages of Staining your Fence

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Stained Fence by Fence Masters

When you installed a new wood fence at your home, maintenance is the key to a reliable, constant, and beautiful fence. A stained fence can help avoid common problems in wood fencing, such as splintering, weakening, and help with some climate factors that nature has thrown at the wood. Not staining your fence at all it will lead to more challenge to maintain it. Here is the advantage when you stain your fence.

Benefits of applying stain on your fence

  • UV Protection – The darker the stain gives more protection. Not getting a new fence stained can quickly decrease the natural color of the wood.


4 foot wood fence
4 Foot picket fence
  • Rotting and Molds – Staining the fence can help repel harmful mold, mildew, moisture, and rotting wood.
Flower Garden
Molds on wood
  • Tone Matching – With many color choices from transparent, semi-transparent, and solid colors stain, it will easily match the accent color on the home.
Custom Built Fence
It compliments the accent color of the fence in the yard
  • More lasting Lifespan – Staining your fence can significantly extend the life of the wood.
Old wood looks like

Fence Masters only uses a special top-quality fence stain and sealant specially formulated for the outdoor elements that will have your fence looking new for years to come. After 20 years in business, we know the very best products to have your fence looking new for years to come.

If you want to lower the maintenance and your wood to last, we recommend staining your fence rather than using paint. The paint will not last as long as a stain when applied to the bare surface of the wood.

Inquire Now!

The Fence Masters are encouraging you to stain your fencing project whether it’s a newly installed or weathered for several years, give us a call, and you have a FREE quote and the exclusive 20% off on wood fence stain when we install your fence.

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