Aluminum or Wrought-Iron Fences?


You will find an extensive kind of ornamental fencing choices, but what you won’t see is the traditional wrought iron. We work with aluminum and wrought-iron ornamental fencing, and there are a few reasons why. Here, we will tell you the pro’s and con’s of aluminum and wrought-iron fence better than iron for your home or commercial fence.

Aluminum Fence

Taking aluminum for an ornamental fence has various advantages. If you are seeking a beautiful ornamental fence to accentuate your yard but do not have the time or will to sustain it regularly, then aluminum is for you. This low maintenance option retains it’s a classic appearance with little effort and never corrodes like its iron counterpart.

Since the composition of aluminum, each part of the fence is a separate piece. While wrought iron is set together and becomes one, aluminum fencing comes in particular pieces and can easily screw together to form. These make installation that much more convenient and assists you and can replace the panel or two should the need arise rather than bringing down the whole fence.

Aluminum is usually an excellent choice for harsh climates. These make them a great option in many communities. Aluminum fences won’t rust like the iron and won’t swell like wood. It’s seemingly the most popular type of fencing throughout swimming pools over the country.

Wrought-Iron Fence


Everyone can acknowledge the excellence that happens from having an iron fence, and there is nothing more than ornamental. As stylish as a wrought iron fence look, there are a few downfalls to consider; First, iron will rust, there is no doubt regarding that. To make positive your iron fence always looks at its best, and you will probably have to provide a great deal of time and effort keeping it that way. You are probably going to spend a fair amount of time rust-proofing it over the years to keep it resembling as it’s prime.

Of course, the most common wrought iron railing is not from the so-called pure wrought iron. The wrought iron term originates from a point before steel was discover rightly and developed, when iron was wrought, or worked, by hand. The raw iron metal was very flexible and malleable, which let it form into elegant and decorative spirals, twists, and sweeping crescents. The outcome was something that obtained both elegance and protection at the same time.

Today’s contemporary wrought iron railing is from tempered steel. It is a steel with a comparatively low carbon production, which means it is relatively flexible and malleable, though possibly not as much as real iron. It lacks the imperfections that wrought iron has, which is a result of variability and other impurities in the metal, giving it a unique textured looks. Nonetheless, you can frequently see this texture outcome combined to mild steel fencing and gates that are carefully made to resemble like original wrought iron.

We Build Fences

Do you want your new fence installed by a company who does 5 different things just…so so? or do you want a company that has been doing nothing but fencing for 20 years, has a A+ with the BBB, and guarantees their work?

There are lots of companies out there that install fences, do roofing, landscaping, lawn care, tree services, siding – you get the point! They have subcontractors who do many things, but not any of them are done with expertise.  We at Fence Masters only install fences, nothing else.

And our Master Installation Crew is the best around. Professionals who know how to do the job right! All of our repairs or new installations are done with top quality materials by a top quality team of professionals. Together, our team have over 130 years of fence installation experience.

That’s how we EARNED the name The Fence Masters.

Better Material Better Installation Better Fence

When you need a reliable fence builder for the projects that requires perimeter security and control to your property, choose The Fence Masters.

We are not the cheapest, and that is not our goal. Our goal is to:

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