American Dream with Picket Fence


The American dream is usually highlighted by the idea of a two-story home, a family, and a picket fence. While your American dream may change, a picket fence is always an exceptional plan in our book. Here is the reason why a picket fence could be the start of your desire home.


Some may say that the picket fence is one of the most appreciatively charming fences you could get. The traditional look of this type of fencing is seen on many American streets and is usually associated with elegance.


As one of the most traditional styles, this is a durable and secure fence. It will be assuring stand tall for over 15 years with a bit of maintenance other than the occasional cleaning. You will end up with a sturdy fence for years to come.


One of the best reasons to get a fence is for security efforts. A fence discourages thieves and vandals from getting into your property. Your family’s safety at home is built up with a fence that prevents trespassers from getting into your yard.

A picket fence is one of the best choices you can make for your home’s backyard. It is ensuring security, durability, and the classic looks that will be relevant for years when you install a picket fence at your home.

White Picket Fence


What marks the better of the American dream than a picket fence? Since colonial days, the picket fence has remained a representation of America. We imagine it surrounding pleasant houses of tone blue, green, or white. It charms up images of daffodils at Easter or playing a game with the children in June. You can tell about to smell the 4th of July barbecue over the freshly mowed garden.

The representation of a vinyl picket fence brings us back to more modest times when we were not so hurried when sit-down family feasts cooked by mom were the standard, and neighbors could stop also have a chat on the sidewalk. There’s a genuine simplicity it brings to mind.

Picket Fence Throughout The Time


But the wooden or vinyl picket fence is not just for social history. Even in certain active days, it can grace a peaceful corner lot or countryside resort. Although it’s not the last option for security, a support fence is engaging, a perfect emphasis to a great home, and one that can serve a variety of purposes. Whether you’re watching to keep your children or pets in your yard, creating a prime border throughout your home, or add a little bit of class, a wooden or vinyl fencing can accommodate your needs entirely while emitting the American dream feels.

To keep up the classy appearance with a slight bit of flair, contemplate planting some flowers to peak into the support, or morning glories to trail all over. You could set fragrant hydrangea to spill over the other side in snowy groups. A vine with white and orange blooms invite bees and hummingbirds to your backyard. Many of the late summer attractions need the structure a picket fence gives so you can effortlessly combine your landscaping with your fence maintenance.

Style Never Worn-out


Within the yard, a fence could incorporate a veggie garden or sustained, to shield your hard work from the rampage of dogs, kids, or trespassers. Plus, a vinyl fence could be a charming boundary for a pool area and an excellent way to keep your privacy and safely keep pets or kids out of the water. A fence like that can contribute peace of mind as you enjoy the outdoors. Essentially a bonus, it can even harmonize your poolside furniture or another porch decoration to tie in all of your home’s aspects.

In our eyes, a picket fence, composed of classic wood or contemporary vinyl, expresses the more beautiful things in life: summer, family, and apple pie. Add one to your yard and let it symbolize your roots.

Repairs Are Simple


Unlike wrought iron, wood fencing can be simple to repair. With a metal fence, large segments need to removed to do a little repair. With wood fencing, you may be ready to get by with extracting only one or two boards. Locks and hinges are also easy to fix if one is bent or damaged. In most cases, even mild damage can be repaired in an hour or less. The broken pieces of wood are also easy to dismantle, and clean up is minimal.

Natural Look


One notable advantage of choosing wood fencing is that it goes with almost every type of exterior. Whether you have a vinyl, brick, or clapboard finish, a wood fence brings out the character of the home and contributes a natural touch. Because of its versatility, you can also enhance it in a variety of styles, leaving one section bare with only the sealant and use paint or stain on the others. It is also easier to attach ornaments and lights on a wood fence.

When a lot of people think about fencing in their yard, the primary thing that gets to mind is a 6-foot tall wooden fence with a matching gate. It is as American as apple pie, and numerous people would not even consider of using any other materials. But it is the level of privacy a wood fence gives is frequently the determining factor.

While maintenance and practicality follow resembling after, the fact that wood contributes a reliable barrier that restrains an outsider’s view is what seals the deal. When it is precisely considered for, a wooden fence can look as good as new for numerous years to come without a lot of continued work on your part.

We Build Fences

Do you want your new fence installed by a company who does 5 different things just…so so? or do you want a company that has been doing nothing but fencing for 20 years, has a A+ with the BBB, and guarantees their work?

There are lots of companies out there that install fences, do roofing, landscaping, lawn care, tree services, siding – you get the point! They have subcontractors who do many things, but not any of them are done with expertise.  We at Fence Masters only install fences, nothing else.

And our Master Installation Crew is the best around. Professionals who know how to do the job right! All of our repairs or new installations are done with top quality materials by a top quality team of professionals. Together, our team have over 130 years of fence installation experience.

That’s how we EARNED the name The Fence Masters.

Better Material Better Installation Better Fence

When you need a reliable fence builder for the projects that requires perimeter security and control to your property, choose The Fence Masters.

We are not the cheapest, and that is not our goal. Our goal is to:

Do it right the first time.

Provide high-quality materials that will last for years to come.

Provide you with prompt, courteous service.

To get a FREE quote and the exclusive 20% off on wood fence stain when we install your fence or if you have any questions, please call us today at 405 728 3200.

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