Considerations for a Front Yard Fence


The establishment of a front yard fence is not equal to a yard fence. The backyard fence does not change your house’s curb attractiveness as much as the one in the front. You also have a gathering of other considerations. If you’d prefer to construct a fence for the front yard, keep the following circumstances in mind.

The Logic for the Front Yard Fence

First off, determine why you want to create a fence in the front yard. Homeowners have several purposes for front yard fencing. For example, they may prefer to retain their pets and kids corralled. For another, they may covet a development in protection.

Question yourself why you need a front yard fence. What purpose does the front yard fence stuff that a backyard fence can’t? Perhaps your front yard is more significant, or you want more extra privacy. Maybe you want to block passersby off your yard. You have legitimate reasons to appreciate such a fence. Holding down those reasons will help you decide what kind of fence to have established.

Homeowners Association and Town Regulations

Before you go any further in the preparation step, find out what your HOA has ordained. Neighborhood HOAs typically have limitations associated with the style, coloring, and material of fences. Furthermore, discuss with any city administrators about laws related to fencing. They may define height limitations and how far back from the sidewalk, the fence needs to be.

Neighborhood Trends

With the same lines, get a walk throughout your neighborhood. Despite HOA and town laws, you still want your fence to match in with your neighbors’ fences. Look at the overall height and styles of fences around your neighborhood.

Additionally, recognize good neighbor etiquette. Your fence has to be inside your property limits. Still, assure the fence doesn’t block your neighbors’ scenes. Before you begin with the installation, speak to your neighbors about your projects.

Yard Entryway

Any fence requires an entryway. Typically, you need two entries into a fenced space. For a front yard, those two passages will be road access and driveway entrance. Study also how you will enter the backyard. Besides, do you want a gated passage from the street? If you are fencing for safety, you need a gate unless you might highlight your yard’s entryway.

Design of the Front Yard Fence

As remarked, a front yard fence reshapes your curb attraction. So, give a lot of attention to the style. Keep in mind limitations from your HOA, and think what kind of fence will best complement your home while still sufficing your needs.

One of the most popular front yard fences is the picket, which suits most ordinances. The style is perfect for marking the border and retaining smaller pets and children corralled. Wrought-iron fencing is better for security and likewise adds curb appeal. You can also examine some of the more artistic styles available.

Gated Driveway

You will have to decide if you want the fence to unite your driveway. It does not have to. You can fence the driveway simultaneously or leave it open if you will keep passersby off your lawn. Nevertheless, if you want to incorporate the driveway in the fence line, you need a gate. You will most probably have to invest in a gate opener too.


Homeowners typically decorate their front yards for edge glamour. Yet, fence specialists frequently warn on letting plants escalate on or dangle over the fence. The plants keep moisture upon the material, which can let wood to rot or metal to rust. And a tree drooping across the fence can drop branches that damage it.

That said, you can still display your garden with a front yard fence. You could plant strips in front of the fence with sufficient allowance so you can reach it for maintenance. You can also grow plants that get up taller than the fence without hanging above it.

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