Decorating your Fence this Christmas Season

house with christmas outdoor decor

Your fence at home is a perfect canvas for a holiday decoration. Whether you have a privacy fence at your backyard or a chain-link fence, you can jazz it up the fences with some holiday vibe designs. Read all these decoration tips for Christmas season to motivate your design process.

Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Wreaths and Garlands are great-looking on most fence styles. They can also use on the balcony railings and some areas of your yard. You can wrap the garlands with lights so it will shine at night. And during the day, the green will still look great and compliment to the color of a wooden fence

Make an anchor point on your fence, put it in a higher position of your fence, and let it dangle in the form of a smile. Then put wreaths at each point where the curves intersect, or you can put it inside the curve.

Christmas Lights or Bulbs

LED Lights

These are flexible to hang in any pattern you want, making them perfect for aesthetic fence look during the holiday season. If you’re going to form patterns on the side of your fence, you can do that with the lights. But be mindful with the nails you use to ensure the lights. 

You can use a removable hook if you want to, as long as the adhesive is sticky enough for the fence. If not, be creative to use other tools to hang the lights without damaging the fence.

Large Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

outdoor ornaments

Another idea for fence decoration in this coming Christmas season is to hang large ornaments on your fences. You can put letters saying, “Happy Holidays.” Or hang up a Santa sock on your fences; it will also add color to your wood fence.

Chain-link Fence Christmas Design

christmas chain link-fence christmas decorations

When you have a chain-link fence, there are tons of concepts to explore. You could use Christmas lights and form any shape you might have in mind. Like snowflakes, Christmas trees, or even a reindeer. The ideas are endless, and you can change the design every year.


Use LED light bulbs; it will last for around 50,000 hours compared to standard bulbs, which is approximately 1,000 hours. So, while LED bulbs are more pricey to buy than incandescent bulbs, you’ll save over the lifetime of the bulbs in electricity charges and replacement bulbs. LED bulbs remain cool to touch even if on for hours, it’s suitable for the wood fence. 

Indifference, traditional Christmas lights become hot to touch after they’ve lighted for several hours. It may start to a risk of house fires, so the bulbs needed to be unplugged when not attended or after many hours have passed. The LED lights provide a much safer choice of Christmas lights for those concerned with this risk.

Have fun decorating your fence for this holiday season, and enjoy this amazing moment of the year with your loved ones, greetings from all of us here at The Fence Masters.

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