Fence Ideas (Gates, Materials, Etc.)


If you’re the same most people, you enjoy spending time outdoors. You are dangling out with friends and family in your yard, on the terrace, or nearby the pool.

The popularity of fire pits, external kitchens, outdoor furniture, furnaces, and more is proof of that fact.

You need a prominent fence around your property.

To grant privacy to you and your visitors as you relish time together in the outdoor of your backyard. But the matter is that old, typical wooden fence just doesn’t fit the atmosphere of homes in more suitable neighborhoods.

That’s why you’re here seeking for more essential concepts for your backyard fence.

Let’s take a look at some privacy fence designs for your backyard that not only give function but also add elegance to their surroundings.

Wood & Metal Backyard Fence


One of the best wood fence designs ever just combine metal.

Blending metal support and frames with wood pickets for the inside of the fence gives your yard fence a stylish look.

Steel or aluminum fence posts combined with metal frame panels contribute power and stability to the fence while wood provides perceptible warmth.

Additionally, painted metal and stained wood give your privacy fence a different dimension of attraction.

Horizontal Backyard Fence


A horizontal fence is one of the most common privacy fencing designs for the contemporary backyard.

Whether you use stained, painted, or real wood or synthesized material horizontally aligned fence pickets, give style and class.

Using tongue and groove wood or composite pickets for your yard fence will improve your fence create complete privacy by sealing gaps between boards.

An extra horizontal option is to make a slat fence, which extends privacy while letting some light within.

A metal fence framing method is the best way to install horizontal fencing.

Bamboo Backyard Fence

When analyzing different types of backyard fence alternatives. Think about different fence panel elements that you could apply.

If your surroundings and decor are further in line with an Asian or tropical concept or your yard is a garden oasis, why not build your fence using bamboo?

Merging metal posts and frames will provide long-lasting endurance to a bamboo fence.
A little less private, but a lot more unusual!

Stained Wood Backyard Fence

Custom Built Fence

Wood is the most adaptable of materials when constructing a backyard privacy fence. Woods that are resistant to elements like western red cedar are regularly the best choice.

Staining and sealing your wood fence improves both the appearance and the durability of your fence.

Now, there are nearly endless choices for stain colors to harmonize with your backyard, residence, furniture, garden, trees, and more.

Iron & Wood Backyard Fence

Iron or other elements mixed with wood offer a different mixture of custom-make to your backyard privacy fence.

You could install an iron topper to the fence or an iron segment to open the landscape in some areas. Or you could fill in the gaps in a traditional black metal fence with wood.

When you marry the classic look of wrought iron with the warmness and privacy of wood. Wow! You’ve got an excellent looking fence.

Corrugated Metal Backyard Fence

Going for a modern look for your backyard fence design? Why not use corrugated metal in your privacy fence plans!

In extension to complete privacy, corrugated metal presents durability, style, and strength to your outdoor living space.

Unlike other fence material options, corrugated metal looks more immeasurable as it ages, generating rust and patina all its own.

Decorated Backyard Fence


Why not show a little school repletion with your fence? A drawn logo or other decors can make it pure what you’re all worrying.

If you’re not in prominent, bold remarks about who you love on the field, you could reconcile for some lights or landscaping to jazz up the appearance of your fence.

White Vinyl Backyard Fence


If you resemble a reasonable option for your privacy fence, you might want to contemplate vinyl. Why is that?

For one thing, vinyl fencing is simple to install and can obtain in pre-built panels.

For another matter, there is an in-depth array of color choices with vinyl. For a more enduring, modern adaptation on the typical vinyl fence, use steel posts and support for the main structure with vinyl pickets for aesthetics.

Stair Stepped Backyard Fence

Stair Stepped Backyard Fence

If you’re constructing your fence on a slant, you have two alternatives.

Construct the fence to follow the angle of your yard. Or particularly when establishing a horizontal fence, you could stair-step the fence.

Gaps at the bottom can stuff in with a rock, setting, or yard contouring.

Small Area Fence


In some instances, homeowners don’t want to fence in the whole property boundary of the backyard. They go to install a lower fence around outdoor living areas or features like a pond or spa.

While the average height of a backyard privacy fence is six or eight feet, small area fences might only stand four feet tall.

Providing a barrier for dogs and little children while leaving for an open view to other areas of the yard.

Small area fences can also perform as privacy partitions for porches, hot tubs, or other areas where privacy is required.

Backyard Fence Gate Ideas

Don’t forget your gate! Fence gates are an excellent place to show creativity and style by appropriating varieties of the fence you install.

Ornamental iron, creative wood designs, and mixtures of materials are just a few ways you can improve your backyard privacy fence with a stylish gate.

If you’re on a means and can’t afford to replace your entire fence, establishing a short fence exterior with a new gate can provide your home a fresh look.

A gate constructed with metal is beautiful and will help counteract bending, wear, and other issues that trouble typical wood fence gates.

Expect More From Your Fence

The modern backyard fence should improve the appearance and sense of its surroundings while granting protection and privacy. In the past, fence choices were limited, but with modern materials, design alternatives for the backyard fence are almost endless.

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