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The Fence Masters have been installing wooden privacy fences, Chain Link, and commercial fence here in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas for more than 20 years. The owner comes out to every job to ensure quality. Together, our team has over 130 years of fence installation experience. You don’t have to worry about a part-time summer employee or an inexperienced installer putting in your fence with The Fence Masters.

Do you want your new fence installed by a company that does 5 different things just…so so? Or do you want a company that has been doing nothing but fencing for 20 years, has an A+ with the BBB, and guarantees their work?

There are lots of companies out there that install fences, do roofing, landscaping, lawn care, tree services, siding – you get the point! They have subcontractors who do many things, but not any of them are done with expertise. We at Fence Masters only install fences, nothing else.

And our Master Installation Crew is the best around. Professionals who know how to do the job right! All of our repairs or new installations are done with top quality materials by a top-quality team of professionals. Together, our team has over 130 years of fence installation experience.

That’s how we EARNED the name The Fence Masters.

Privacy fence

Versatility of Cedar

When you think of a fence, you probably think of a generic 6-foot brown fence that many people have around their backyards. The fence looks

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Wood Privacy Fence

Basics For Fence Staining

If you newly installed a fence, you wonder what you can do to ensure that your fence seems excellent for as long as attainable. If

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Wrought-Iron Fence

Maintaining A Wrought-Iron Fence

When you are a qualified business owner, you should not find it challenging to sustain your business property. Whether you, an employee or an expert,

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Cap and Trim Quality Fence
Wood Privacy Fence

Cap And Trim Your Cedar Fence

A right privacy fence does not just give a solid cover. It presents a refined style and a secure-looking design that makes your yard seem

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Pool Fence

Pool Fence Ideas

Having a pool in your residence adds more than just appreciative value to your property. It can be an ideal spot for private recreation and

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

With springtime not too far away and nature stirring up, it is time to commence considering about your garden and linking the world outside. What

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Outdoor Design Ideas

Autumn is all about staying warm and spending time with colleagues – but it doesn’t ought to be confined to the indoors! Here are some

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Unique Gate Ideas

Wood is a favored material for driveway gates for multiple purposes. The material can induce a warm, welcoming feeling with long-term appeal. It’s the preferred

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Picket Fence

Advantages of Horizontal Wood Fence

Horizontal wood fences are an excellent selection for homeowners and business owners. They were seeking a cost-effective and environmental-friendly fencing alternative that will mix well

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Fence History

When searching for an Oklahoma fence company, several residents are not sure precisely what they resemble for in a fence. To fully understand fences, it

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Company Advisory

Dear All, The COVID-19 (corona virus) is having an essential impact on the lives of all. Like different businesses, we’re asking our team to sustain

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Privacy fence

Importance Of Privacy Fence

Are you thinking of privacy fencing for your Oklahoma residence, institution, school, or other investments? Privacy fences contribute plenty of benefits, as well as seclusion,

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Advice For Removing Old Fence

Fencing initially thought to last just like when constructing a home. And fence company or fence owners believe that their fences will last as long

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Chain Link Fence

Keeping Up A Rusty Fence

Wrought-iron fences are a superb way to add character to your home, though, over time, they can become rusted, which reduces from their condition. Same

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Fence Maintenance

How Long A Vinyl Fence Lasts?

One of the more frequent questions we experience here at Fence Masters is, “how long a vinyl fence will last?” However, there is a straight

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Ornamental Fence

Ornamental Fences

When most people imagine of ornamental fences, a blurry image of a wrought iron fence throughout a crazy-big villa is developed to mind. But there

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Chain Link Fence

Benefits of Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link fence and gate The chain-link fence is an excellent substitute for security purposes. Even though it isn’t as visually appealing as other types of

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