Fence Masters: Wood Privacy Fence Vs. The Big-Box Store Fence.

The Fence Masters wood privacy fence uses 1-inch cedar wood planks built in our warehouse here in Oklahoma City for our wood privacy fences. The big-box stores use 5/8 inch(1/8 inch over ½ inch) pre-made redwood, which bows, bends, and rots in a short-term period. 

Below is a picture of our wood privacy fence that looks like after six months and the big-box store fence. Big difference!

Cap and Trim Quality Fence
Fence Master high-quality fence
Big Box Fences after 4 months
Big-Box Stores fence


Examined side by side.

As you can see above, the fence on the right is from one of the big-box stores’ fence. The fence on the left is “Fence Masters,” high-quality privacy fences. Only the top grade 1-inch cedar planks and 2×4 cedar rails, and we also use Postmaster metal post.


When building a fence in your back yard, other companies tie in the corners and save a few dollars by not adding in a new post. We put an additional metal post in every corner, ensuring the strength and integrity of your fence!


Why spend the time and money with other fence companies that use inferior wood and take no pride in the installation when you can have the best!


That is how we EARNED the name The Fence Masters.

Give us a call, and you have a FREE quote and the exclusive 20% off on wood fence stain when we install your fence.

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