How To Extend The Life Of Your Wooden Fence


Wood privacy fence or picket fence can put up to your home’s charm and protection. They typically last approximately 15 years, but with decent maintenance, you can lengthen your wood fence to 20 years or more.

Considerations for New Fence

Western red cedar and redwood are usually used for fences because they oppose decay and rot. Still, there is a variation of other wood types options. Fence posts should be pressure-treated because they have contact with the ground and exposed to dampness and pests. The pickets, or upright planks of the fence, don’t need to be pressure-treated because they’re above the ground. Pressure-treated wood soaked with chemicals that support keep water and bugs from ruining the wood.

When you have a new wood fence placed, wait about a year before staining or painting it. Allow time for the wood and chemicals used for pressure treating it to dry out. If the fence is not dry, you will end up sealing moisture in, which can start to rot and decay. Pressure-treated wood is shielded from fungal decay and termites. However, it’s still subjected to swelling, narrowing, breaking, and warping, so it’s necessary to do some essential maintenance on your fence every two to three years.

Inspect and Repair Each Year


Once a year, take a tour around your yard and examine your fence for indications of damage or rot. Substitute broken boards, hammer in loosened nails, or tighten screws. Check each part of the fence to make sure it’s securely connected to the next one. If any parts of the fence are sagging, make sure the posts are placed firmly in the ground. You may need to replace the posts if they are in bad condition. Inspect the hinges and locks on your gates to make sure they are safe and lined up precisely. You can grease them with automotive lubricant if required.

Pressure-treated lumber is not entirely repellent to water intrusion. Any steps you take to lessen its vulnerability to moisture will help increase the life of the wood. Regulate sprinklers, so they don’t get the fence wet and make the wood to decay or begin to moss growth. Cut back shrubs and vines, so they do not hang on the fence because they supplement weight and hold on to damp. Ensure that the area throughout the fence has proper sewage, so water does not puddle around the posts. The soil at the bottom of each post should be securely packed and have a slight inclination away from the fence.

Clean It Up Every 3 – 5 Years

Every two to three years, wash the wood to eliminate dirt, moss, mold, and graying. Then, recoat with a UV restraining, water-repellant stain. After doing repairs, rub off any moss or unattached, peeling paint or stain until you can see original wood, and rinse the fence with a pressure washer.

If you notice mildew on the fence, you can mix a solution of 20% bleach to 80% mild detergent and sprinkle it on the fence an hour before cleaning it. It will support kill any fungus spores and help deter them from turning back.

Staining or Paint After Cleaning

Cap and Trim Quality Fence

Paint or stain should be reapplied every 3-5 years, if not earlier. Use surface oil-based stain or latex paint, which will seal out dampness, stop the wood decay, limit the volume of weathering, and prolong the life of the wood. Pick a stain or sealant with a UV inhibitor to maintain and keep the wood from turning old. Let the wood dry for approximately a week before applying a stain or sealant. 

Fence Masters only uses a special top-quality fence stain and sealant specially formulated for the outdoor elements that will have your fence looking new for years to come. After 20 years in business, we know the very best products to have your fence looking new for years to come. If you want to lower the maintenance and your wood to last, we recommend staining your fence rather than using paint. The paint will not last as long as a stain when applied to the bare surface of the wood.

We Build Fences

Do you want your new fence installed by a company that does 5 different things just…so so? Or do you want a company that has been doing nothing but fencing for 20 years, has an A+ with the BBB, and guarantees their work?

There are lots of companies out there that install fences, do roofing, landscaping, lawn care, tree services, siding – you get the point! They have subcontractors who do many things, but not any of them are done with expertise. We at Fence Masters only install fences, nothing else.

And our Master Installation Crew is the best around. Professionals who know how to do the job right! All of our repairs or new installations are done with top quality materials by a top-quality team of professionals. Together, our team has over 130 years of fence installation experience.

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Better Material Better Installation Better Fence

When you need a reliable fence builder for the projects that requires perimeter security and control to your property, choose The Fence Masters.

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