Is Your Wooden Fence Winter Ready?

fence with snow

As the temperature begins to drop, spending time outside may be the last thing most homeowners want to do this of year. Nevertheless, a few additional maintenance can help increase the life span of the fence and decrease problems you’ll encounter when spring comes.

Wood fences have known to weaken during the winter, decreasing their potential to endure spring storms. A top-quality fence stain and sealant before winter is a primary defense to face weather corrosion and deterioration. Also, there are a few steps you should take throughout the winter months to ensure the continued strength of your fence.

Protect it from moisture

moisture on wood fence

Unlike a rainstorm during the warmer months, your fences won’t get many warm days to get dry out in the winter. Staining a wood fence during fall is the best defense. Once the temperature drops, it becomes more challenging to dry out enough to reach the perfect moisture level for applying the stain. The Fence Masters experts perform a moisture test before applying stain to make sure it will go deeper to the core of the wood.

We use top-quality stain for the wood with a moisture-resistant stain to keep it in ideal condition. And we apply a sealant over the stain to help it to last longer.

Plants and shrubs should be not close enough to the fence and needed to be trimmed and away from the fence. Cleared away the leaves and not collect near the fence.

Check The Posts

PostMaster Steel Post
PostMaster Steel Post

A massive storm can cause rainwater to submerge into the soil and form a sinkhole that could impact your fence’s posts. The Fence Masters uses Postmaster Metal posts (Not wood posts will rot), real two by four by eight cedar runners, and 1 inch thick pickets, all from 100% kiln-dried cedar.

Inspect Fences After Every Storm

damaged fence caused by a storm

Like the rest of the yard, a wood fence can be neglected during the winter. It requires to inspect it after every storm has come.

We highly encourage you to hire a professional to maintain your wooden fences. After or before the winter, there are lots of benefits to keep your wooden fences. Wood fences could last up to 20 years upwards if they received routine maintenance. 

The Fence Masters has been installing and repairing wooden fences in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas for about more than 20 years in the business. We guarantee our work and materials that we are using to exceed your expectations. We have an A+ rating at the BBB.

Inquire Now!

When you need a reliable fence builder for the projects that requires perimeter security and control to your property, choose The Fence Masters.

Give us a call, and you have a FREE quote and the exclusive 20% off on wood fence stain when we install your fence.

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