Keeping Up A Rusty Fence


Wrought-iron fences are a superb way to add character to your home, though, over time, they can become rusted, which reduces from their condition. Same with the chain-link fences. It’s necessary to eliminate rust from your fence as soon as possible because besides being unsightly, it can ruin the fence on a structural level as well.

Luckily, excluding the rust is an easy Do-It-Yourself project that you can achieve in a little time with just several actions.

Clean the Whole Fence

Your primary method of action should be to clean the whole fence, not just the rusted sections. This way, you will obtain a more consistent look, and you will protect the unrusted areas from prospective damage in extension to repairing what has already taken.

On rusted segments, you will be removing the paint in addition to the rust. There are several ways that this can be done: the most common alternatives are sandpaper, wire brushes, and steel wool. Power tools may be needed for more extensive pockets of rust.

Be sure that you sweat far enough that you can no longer see any rust; it is essential to eliminate all of it rather than just an outside layer. Once the decay is gone, buff and smooth the section.

Apply Rust Neutralizer


Even the most excellent sanding job cannot remove all of the rust scraps that may be existing. To be sure that you have gotten rid of everything, clean the fence down with a 1:1 fusion of lemon juice and white vinegar. Leave the solution to sit for one hour, then wash with foamy water. It will offset any lingering rust to guarantee that you will not have any problems soon.

Paint with Rust-Resistant Products


Use a primer and paint that is specially made to withstand rust. You will probably need to implement several layers. Be sure to enable each coat to dry before applying a new one– this can take up to four hours. Using quality paint will preserve your fence under the line, and aid keeps rust from recurring.

Perform Regular Maintenance

They state that a measure of prevention is worth a weight of cure, and the saying surely applies to prevent rust. Clean your fence routinely and check for fresh indications of rust. Use a ball of steel wool to remove the initial rusting before it grows, and apply the lemon juice/vinegar mixture to the spots afterward. Store a can of the paint you used on hand for small repairs as needed.

Doing these small bits of rusted fence preservation as concerns arise will keep you from having to do a large-scale de-rusting in the future, or needing a whole new fence.

We Build Fences

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