Maintaining A Wood Fence By Fence Masters

Old, Cleaned, Stained Fence Sample

When you maintain your wooden fence properly it can increase the fence overall lifespan by years. In this article from The Fence Masters we will go over how to maintain your fence step by step.

Cleaning of the Wood Fence

A person using a powerwasher to clean wooden fence

We are going start it with this method from the bottom of the fence off to the top, covering it with the top-quality fence cleaner solution that we are using. From behind tight areas and between boards or tight corners.

And soak the solution for about half an hour after that we rinse it off with a pressure washer. Summer is a perfect time to make your fences get cleaned. Because it takes time to let the wood dry, and then we apply the sealant.

Repairing Damage Fence

PostMaster Steel Post
PostMaster Steel Post

Fixing some minor damages in the wooden fences, and we reinforced the damage post with Postmaster Metal posts (Not wood posts will rot).

*Applying a wood preservative if needed

Coating With Sealant

Fence Masters Wood Fence
Fence Masters Wood Fence

We coat it as even as possible; by using a top-quality polyurethane sealant coat in the market, we do multiple layers of sealant to have more protection from the sun damage.

Staining the Wood Fence

Cap and Trim Quality Fence
Stained Fence by The Fence Masters

The most efficient and effective way to maintain a wooden fence is to stain it. We use top-quality stain for the wood with a UV-protection or moisture-resistant stain to keep it in ideal condition. And we apply a sealant over the stain to help it to last longer.

The darker color, the stain gives more protection. Staining the fence, it repels molds, mildew and avoids from rotting. Significantly extends the life of the wood.

We use stain instead of paint, wood absorbs stain and gets deep into the core of the wood and does not flake off, and it also provides moisture-resistant to it.


We highly encourage you to hire a professional to maintain your wooden fences. Because you might get an allergic reaction, lead to an accident, or any misuse of a fence cleaner solution, sealant or stain if you are not familiar with using it.

Wood fences could last up to 20 years upwards if they received routine maintenance. The Fence Masters has been installing and repairing wooden fences in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas for about more than 20 years in the business. We guarantee our work and materials that we are using to exceed your expectations. We have an A+ rating at the BBB.

Inquire Now!

The Fence Masters are encouraging you to stain your fencing project whether it’s a newly installed or weathered for several years, give us a call, and you have a FREE quote and the exclusive 20% off on wood fence stain when we install your fence.

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