Outdoor Lighting Ideas


With springtime not too far away and nature stirring up, it is time to commence considering about your garden and linking the world outside. What do you see when you stare out at your garden at nighttime? If it is pitch black, create the attraction and magic you could build with some outdoor lighting. The garden at night is a strangeness and excitement, at least if it is arranged well. Outside lighting should entertain rather than a distraction. Too abundant light and your surroundings are lost. Too little, and everything decreases.

To outline the complete look, you need to plan correctly. This is where lighting architects and designers get in. They work with elements of light to charm our thoughts and open us up to a world of opportunities.

Examine out these excellent ways of managing light to draw attention to your garden.

Pathway Lighting


Path lighting produces not only a charming surrounding through your garden, but it presents ease and safety for foot passage. Keep in mind that you must install the appropriate LED path lights in the proper positions to achieve the best overall design result.

Uplight for Trees


Feature your trees and manage your garden’s appearance by placing uplights at the bottom of the trunks. It manages in most gardens, but if you have a substantially grown tree in a dark, sprawling area, why not highlight it with light? Or if you have a more formal modern yard, think a spotlight row to display the space’s geometry.

Cluster Lights


Somewhat of throwing light on your attractive tree, think about lighting up a full bunch of trees. This can give low light to a nearby sitting space. If you want to cast a dim glow on your deck or poolside snacking areas, cluster lighting will supplement appearance and depth to these areas, particularly in an extensive garden.

Cluster lighting also runs well with group planting. You can generate an almost sculpture by lighting up architectural plants such as palms or enormous ferns. Add depth to the display by lighting up each plant from various angles.

Strip Lighting


Determine the shape of your garden and outline the sides with strip lighting. Strip lighting serves best in gardens wherever the focus is on architecture. Walkways, decks, elevated garden beds, and steps are more prominent with strip lighting. The more contemporary landscapes and yards display this look better than the more usual, wide-edged gardens.

Stair Lights

Make sure you are not falling down or even up the stairs and install stair lights. While stair lights are essential from a safety viewpoint, they guide you to the front entrance that they perform their role. As well as concentrating on your front door, they can apply to improve surrounding plants and other features.



Spotlights are top of the list when it comes to highlighting design features and landscaping and possible hazard areas such as the poolside. Just be advised, though, that when you throw a lot of light at the one spot, the areas circling it can seem darker.

Pool Lighting


Obtain the pool party ambiance with bright colors, sparkling lights, and deep shadows. And while lighting gives a mystical vibe to your poolside, it, more importantly, presents safe use. Highlight your lit pool by placing lights on the non-pool side area. You want your pool to be an exciting nighttime feature rather than a nasty black hole.


Ask any lighting architect. They will inform you that light is just as much regarding shade and shadow as it is about lighting. Backlighting produces a sharp visual image in a garden or courtyard when sculptural aspects and architectural plans are the subjects. It works most efficiently in a modern style garden.

Feature Lights


It’s not always on the landscape, carving, or tree. A well-chosen light can be a hallmark all on its own. Maybe you want to divide up a long wall or wait for your garden to age. Placing a feature light can be your backyard’s redeeming character.

Water Feature Lights


Finally, outside lighting that illuminates the composition of your water feature, such as a fountain, presents high drama among light and shadow and produces visual trick. Emphasizing your water feature will provide for added dimension at night. A lighting designer will know how and where to set the lights for the best angle of lighting your object.

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