Rust and Corrosion On Your Chain-Link Fence


Rust and corrosion buildup can make a metal chain-link fence look old before its time. It can also reduce the fence life as time pass by, making it more exposed to harsh and high-priced damage.

Luckily, a little prevention can work a long time shielding residential fences. The following gives several tips you can use to prevent rust and corrosion from destroying your chain-link fence.

Keeping it Clean


Keeping up good condition is not the only reason to keep your chain-link fence cleaned. The longer dirt and grime remains on the exterior of your fence. They are more vulnerable to become rusty and corroded. Not only dirt and grime potentially abrasive, but it could also contain a variety of chemicals compounds that encourage rust and corrosion buildup.

All it takes to keep your chain-link fence clean it needs a pail of warm water and some drops of soft detergent. You can use a soft-bristled scrub to work with the soap and water within each link and then hose the entire fence. You can also use a pressure washer and some gallons of mixed-cleaner to eliminate the dirt and grime on your fence quickly.

If you spot early signs of rust or corrosion buildup, you should have it removed asap. A ball of steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper can eliminate minor rust, while commercial rust removal products offer a better result.

Add Rust Protection

Human hand wearing black gloves and painting metal fence

Cleaning your chain-link fence is not the only way to prevent it from rust. You can preserve your fence by painting it with an anti-rust coating. Anti-rust coatings operate by creating a protective layer within the bare metal and the multiple chemicals and elements that cause oxidation. It will typically slow down the pace at metal rust or corrosion to a larger area.

If you have a chain-link fence that is produced from a galvanized steel, probably you are wondering why it needs to add rust protection. Although electroplated steel offers some area of stability on rust and corrosion, it’s not uncommon for the protective zinc coating to wear out of the time. It is a good idea to treat your chain-link fence with an anti-rust coating.

A lot of outdoor paints contains anti-rust formulas. If you have a plan on renewing the appearance of your chain-link fence with a fresh coat of paint, and you will also have an excellent chance to preserve your fence against rust and corrosion.

Look-Out For Damage


The unsightly scratches on your chain link fence could turn into a starting point for rust or corrosion. Chipped and cracks in an old coat can also reintroduce corrosion to your fence if neglected untouched. A cut end from recent restoration can also consider rust buildup, mainly if the ends are not covered with paint over directly afterward.



Any damage that exposes the bare metal of your chain-link fence can leave it vulnerable to rust and corrosion. You can avoid damaging your fence by following these precautions:

Do not let vines and different bushes grown on the fence except the right support structures are use. Vines and branches can create the top railing also different portions of your fence to sag under their weight.

Do not use your fence as a drying rack for rugs and other heavy objects. Not only does it damage the top rail, but prolonged exposure to moisture could also trigger rust and corrosion.

Unluckily, there is a point when damage is inevitable. A relentless storm that extracts part of your chain-link fence or causes a tree falls onto the fence. Despite the type of damage, rehabilitation should be performed ASAP to prevent rust and corrosion.

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