The Right Fence For Your Dog Kennel


Whether you have a family dog, or are you thinking of adding one or two for your family, the big issue is, “where are we going to keep it?” Not everyone has forty acres of field and forests for a dog to explore and travel for those who live in suburbs areas, or nearby highways. Having a dog is a bit more complicated. Choosing the right fence your kennel is a great idea.

You could fence in your yard. However, if you have a lovely flowering garden that the dog could dig up or plants that could be risky to their health, that becomes a less choice. You need not give up on the concept of a canine friend. Think of an outdoor dog kennel.

Outdoor Kennel Pros


Outdoor kennels are build from a firm chain-link fence. It could have a wood support, and one back wall of wood. There may be a doghouse enclosure in the back, and with the front, sides, and a chain-link. An outdoor kennel can protect your dogs from elements, yet is open to fresh air. On a chilly rainy night, your dog can rest up inside the den, and on a hot day, they can rest in the shade.


A dog cage is only a hideout for a dog to retreat to, but having a kennel has a room for your dogs to move around and do his things. And adding some puzzle toys that require your dog to think hard and applauded by veterinarians and experts. Dogs are like people, often become more worn-out by mental exercise than physical exercise though both are critical.

Outdoor Kennel Cons


The outdoor kennel has some adverse effects. The enormous space for your dog to stay in, maybe sometimes you forgot in the enclosure for a more extended time. Because their area is healthy and safe, it doesn’t mean you also ignore them. Your dogs should take regular walks to get their energy out, or you should play with them inside their kennel to get the energy releases. They will be happier and stronger, and also you.

If you have a dog, he could get lonely. Dogs are social animals; they need attention and affection from their respectful owners. You can consider having another one. They can be great buddies and play together.

Right Dog Kennel Fence


As a dog owner, you know you need a safe and secure place for your dog home-like feel to them. Beyond the typical requirements of flooring, barriers, and overhead shelter, there are full of other things to be considered. Is it will fit the size of the dog? Consider the dog behavior is it playful and loves to run around?

Small-Breed Dogs


A small dog can weigh up to 40 pounds. It needs a different accommodation than a medium or a large breed. Like Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and Mini Pins do not breed in a large area; in fact, they thrive into a smaller enclosure.


It can create stress-related issues for them, a smaller kennel, or an interior cage inside your home can do.


Crates and cages are ideal. These types of the enclosure are enough for them to feel they are safe and protected and large enough for them play and sleep. A bonus for a crate and cage for the small breed can be easily stored inside, and you can bring inside a car for a trip if you want to bring your dog with you.

Medium-Breed Dogs


The medium breed can weigh about 45-70 pounds like Boxers and Bulldogs, the best of both classes. You can put them in crates and cages like the small breeds, but they enjoy an outdoor kennel.


They need to feel sheltered and protected as a small-breed does, but due to their size, they require a bit extra space to play around. If you decide to go with crate or cages, choose the larger size for them so they can quickly move around. You can build a kennel, make it bigger so they can have a dog house inside.

Large-Breed Dogs


For a larger breeds dog like German Shepherds, Great Danes, Rottweilers, their weight ranges from 75 pounds and up. A crate won’t do, except for a short amount of time. No matter how big it is, it will not be large enough for their size, and they will be miserable.


For these massive sizes of dogs, choose a lair that they can roam around. We don’t want to see them in cramped, make sure there is plenty of space for their kennel.


The most popular and best type of kennel fence for a dog is a chain-link fence. It’s easy to clean up the waste inside a fence, and you can monitor your pet inside of it. A wooden fence will also do, but there is a consequence for having it as a kennel fence, there will be a biting issue around the wooden fence. Consider also the height of the fence. Some dogs can jump high, but others won’t. There are wide of ideas of having a dog kennel fence to try out.

Better Material Better Installation Better Fence

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