Unique Gate Ideas


Wood is a favored material for driveway gates for multiple purposes. The material can induce a warm, welcoming feeling with long-term appeal. It’s the preferred choice for solid-front gates which offer maximum privacy as well as typical farmhouse and property gate designs.

One thing that wood is not usually known for in the entrance gate design world is its versatility in exquisite looks. Unlike all of the intricate twists and spirals of wrought iron, wood doesn’t have the same malleability. For this generalization, many people go for metal when they want a highly customized, ornamental road gate design.

Yet, if you have your mindset on a custom wooden entrance gate and you don’t want your property to look like all the neighbors’ residences. Fence Masters will give you an idea for what kind of wooden gate design you want.

Whether you see your automated gate as an expansion of your home or consider it a separate functional feature. And you have almost endless choices when it comes to driveway gate styles. And it’s not just about wanting wood, metal, iron or composite Gate designs. Do you gravitate toward elegant curves or clean lines? Something more rustic or refined? Here popular driveway gate styles to help you narrow your search.



These designs are praise for their clean lines and modern design ornaments. While some modern gates have arches, they more usually feature straight lines or angular designs. Modern-style gates are regularly custom-fabricated with metal or wood and then covered with fresh-feeling shades and finishes.

Classic Streamlined

These simple, efficient gates do their job and let your home and areas make a big impression. Typically iron gates, classic, modernized styles tend to allow clear glimpses of your home. Recognize a curved top edge – curves are normally arched (curving up) or scalloped (curving down). Also, think of the pillars that will anchor the gate: consider what type of pillar material and light fitting style will completely compliment your property.

Classic Ornate


Building on a classic style, ornate gate designs go beyond the area of function to include flourishes, decorations, and other intricate design elements. They often feature finials, knuckles (design features on individual posts), spirals, and curves at the top, bottom, or middle of the gate. The pillars can play up with custom finishes like sculpture or elaborate light fixtures.

Sculptural Or Ornamental

Typically custom gates, these sculptural pieces are works of art you present right at the entrance to your home. They can emphasize intricate patterns or objects such as leaves or birds; some gates are custom with a family initial. These gates are an illustration of your home’s appreciative and personal style. Iron and metal are the go-to materials for these remarkably customized entry gates.

Mix of Wood and Metal


One stunning way to dress up a primary wooden driveway gate is with custom wrought-iron features—the traditional solid-front, farmhouse-style wooden gate an excellent look with wrought-iron scrolls and swirls. Ornate metalwork frames the solid wood panel.

Vintage Custom Metalwork


With this entrance gate, designed a frame that mixes arches and perpendicular lines, combining vertical metal pickets to break up the open areas. Then, a crafted custom metal strap hinges and accents, connecting them with hand-made metal rivets. The result is a vintage-inspired wooden gate that gives this compelling driveway character and curb appeal.

Farm-Style Or Ranch-Style

Usually, wood gates or complex gates, these rustic styles have a natural feel. They are perceived to complement the natural environment. Their simple, functional structure is part of the appeal. Still, these times you can find many farmhouse-style driveway gates with a stylish and contemporary spin. Use shade to customize your look.

Make Farmhouse Look Modern

Wooden gates linked with traditional designs. But, with this entrance gate, this went for super-straight, ultra-clean lines and a crisp, black paint finish. The inspiration was a ranch gate, but the result is purely modern. This gate is functional and eye-catching.

Antique or Vintage

If your home takes design influence from another era, create the look with a historic-feeling entrance gate, whether it seems like a gate to a castle or a mid-century estate. Custom entry gates designed with a vintage or old-fashioned feel add a different insight of time and place. Both wood and iron give themselves to combining a vintage perception of your driveway design.

Weathered Wood and Hinges


All wood weathers over time. Most homeowners re-stain their driveway gates every so regularly. Still, a wooden gate can be overlooked to the elements for an elegant look. Gate can leave the material plain until it achieves the look you want, then apply a transparent sealant to lock it in. For this property, you need to add custom-made strap hinges, another design element that can make your gate all your own.

Gothic Design with Wood and Stone

This set of driveway gates seems like something out of a different time. A custom stone entryway with arched walls and gate opening. These gates built from durable mahogany, which naturally resists rot and pests. They highlight tall pillars and a solid bottom panel. An antique-style swag light makes the Gothic look.

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