Why Do Fences Have Gaps In-Between


Most of every home is fenced, whether partly or wholly. A fence is a structure regularly made of a series of wood or support attached by more extended support at the top and bottom. They serve different functions, depending on the necessities of the property owner.

Fences have various forms, but one thing shared among each of them: the gaps. Fence boards placed with differing measures of the gaps that serve differing purposes. Given that we understand fences everywhere, it’s considerably easy to neglect them without supplying their existence much attention.

What Are Fences Used?

To estimate out what fence design will gratify your needs and how extensive the gaps should be, you should primarily think about what you want a fence.

  • For Security 

Fences serve as your first series of defense upon would-be intruders. They implement a boundary that preserves your home and property from those attempting to do you harm. They also keep animals away from destroying your garden or backyard. It would be great if you had a solid fence for it to fulfill this purpose well.

  • For Privacy 

Fences can also serve as resistance for your yard, mainly if you regularly hang out there. They cover up a section of your surroundings to partially hide your area from passers-by and other people residing within your surroundings. Without a fence, everything would display, and others would be personal to what you are doing.

  • For Aesthetic Perspectives 

Fences are also excellent for improving your home’s attractiveness. They can plan in a way that enhances your yard and adds an impression of elegance to your house’s overall appearance. A well-designed fence will justify several dazzled looks from outsiders.

When you are setting up a fence for this purpose, then map out the design, including how wide the gaps should be.

What Are Fence Gaps?

Unknown to several, fence gaps exist for many purposes. As fences are standard, it’s effortless to neglect them without giving them much attention. Still, if you don’t draw out your fence gaps well, it can drive to some concerns for you. Here are remarkable reasons why fences have gaps in the first place.

  • Air Circulation 

One reason why fences have gaps is to pass air to circulate the space it surrounds. The bigger the gaps, the more air you can let in. These remain essential for homes that exposed to temperature; not letting the air circulate would mean a more difficult area for your home.

  • Allowance For Board Expansion 

Wooden boards, when exposed to condensation, leading to swelling and enlargement. There is an inevitable natural phenomenon that a fence contractor should know. Accordingly, having gaps between your boards gives the wood some extent to grow without destroying your fence design.

  • Better Resistance To The Wind 

Settling gaps between your fence boards will increase your fences sharply to combat wind impacts. Gaps give space for air to pass by in such a way that your fence will not be receiving the full effect of the wind’s pushing force. At the same time, it also decreases the wind entering your home, defending your surroundings as well.

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