Why Redwood Is Perfect For Fence


The significant element when it comes to constructing a fence is equitable with yourself about how much upkeeping you plan to put into a fence. If you know that you will fix the fence promptly any time a problem happens, you can get a little more affordable upfront fencing.

Fences, which are often taken for granted and unnoticed until that gate won’t shut fitly, offer many primary purposes on your property. Many circumstances must be considered when deciding to install a distinct style of fence, including privacy, security, and landscape improvement. If you make it right and keep it simple, it will last for years.

Build the fence in balance with your landscape. Build a sloping fence along sloping property or keep the fencing level’s tops if the property is level.

Please don’t create an oversize fence on a small piece of property as it will overshadow the surroundings. Furthermore, a low picket fence is not suitable for fencing in a spacious yard.

Redwood Trees


Redwood trees collected today are much more immature, so fencing material, which is always the lowest wood, consists of a lot of white sapwood. Considering it does not have the same resistant properties of red heartwood, posts made from it rot quickly when exposed to moisture. We compensate for this by raising the concrete raised ground level about each post to preserve the wood from the harm caused by persistent contact with wet soil. It needs more labor and specific when we build the fence, but it will serve many years longer.

It’s necessary to remember that the gate post carries an additional heavy load. Therefore it is crucial that this post, more than any other, be established with concrete because the slightest corrosion will cause it to break immediately. It’s also essential that every gate post is complemented with a back-up post for extra support. The gate also needs to be braced appropriately when it is built to prevent sagging.

Wood fences present a natural aesthetic to your backyard, while also meeting the practical functions of acting as a barrier or cover around your property. Still, different types of wood will give different aesthetics and potential benefits when used for fences. Redwood is an extraordinary and unique type of lumber that, as its name would suggest, carries a natural reddish shade with it.

Three Attributes of A Redwood

However, beyond the unusual coloring associated with redwood, it also gives a few notable inherent qualities. Recognizing what those qualities are and how they are beneficial can help you select if redwood is the right wood choice for your yard’s fencing.

Weather Resistance

One of the most vital advantages of installing a redwood fence in your yard is that redwood is typically resistant to all kinds of weather-related damage that can easily affect other classes of wood. For example, redwood is usually immune to UV radiation, signifying that you will not see the coloring of your fence fade over time. Besides, redwood is highly repellent to moisture exposure, as well. It will not decay, bend, break, twist, or otherwise structurally change shape as other types of wood will, improving the overall lifespan of your fence.

Pest Resistance

Another key benefit of choosing redwood over other types of wood for your fence is that redwood possesses natural oils that make it repellent to pest damage. It is extraordinarily important because different types of wood can become sensitive to termite and carpenter ant damage, which will weaken the structural integrity of your fence posts and boards. It makes it more possible that you will have to replace individual parts of your fence in the future.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, the last significant benefit of choosing redwood over other types of wood for your yard’s fencing is the fact that redwood presents a unique appearance that many types of wood cannot meet.

As its name would imply, redwood comes with a natural dark red or orange hue that can be preserved. Just directly using a clear coat of stain indicates that you don’t have to paint your fence frequently.

It provides a bright yet natural coloring to your yard. Moreover, redwood comes in various grades. Obtaining a higher grade of wood can allow you to make fencing boards and posts that are free of knots, creating a stable and uniform look for your fence.

We Build Fences

Do you want your new fence installed by a company that does 5 different things just…so so? Or do you want a company that has been doing nothing but fencing for 20 years, has an A+ with the BBB, and guarantees their work?

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Better Material Better Installation Better Fence

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