Wood Fence and Landscape Idea For All-Season

A wooden fence is an excellent, stylish add-on for your home. Aside from its natural beauty and sturdiness, a wooden fence is well with almost any landscaping idea.

You can choose any style for your wood fences. With the changing seasons, you may want to change up the garden style of the fence. The Fence Masters will give you some ideas for every season of the year.

Winter Fence Idea


Winter is the freezing period of the year. The durability of a wooden fence will allow it to last through the winter months, but various shrubs cannot withstand the harsh cold weather condition of wintertime. But luckily, some can.


A Chaenomeles, commonly known as a "Flowering Quince" is a type of plant that is practically indestructible. The flowers can survive the harsh climate during winter. It also can grow to 8-feet-wide.

Evergreen Boxwood

An Evergreen Boxwood is a kind of bush that is simple to grow and form. It keep his vivid green color throughout the wintertime and opposes diseases, bugs, and even doe. They typically grow about 5 feet tall.

Spring Fence Idea


April rainfalls bring May flowers. During this period, the weather conditions change. Rainfall is average this time of the year, as well as the possibility of storm and hurricane. The climate is also sunny and warm throughout this time. A wooden fence is sturdy enough for this season, as well. There are many landscaping possibilities for the spring season.



Hellebore is also known as a lenten rose are best for the early springtime season. These bushes are frost resistant and grow to be a beautiful white color that pales to pink. They grow about 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide.


Harmony Iris

Harmony Iris is a spring flower that blooms deep to a vivid blue or a purple color. These flowers would look amazing next to a wood fence. They can grow about 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

Summer Fence idea

Summer is the sizzling season. Throughout this time of the year, the weather gets scorching. Wood fences bear with the hot weather well. During this season some flowers will do better than others.



Aster is a daisy-like flower that blooms to be lavender, pink, or white. They are very popular through the summertime periods. They can add beauty to a wooden fence. They can range up from 8 inches to 8 feet tall, depends on the type.


Gloriosa Daisy

A Gloriosa Daisy is a deep yellow daisy with a dark brown center. One of the perfect flowering plants for the summer. It can grow about 3-4 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

Fall Fence Idea

Custom Built Fence

Autumn is next spring when every leaf is a flower. During this period, the climate goes extremely hot to cool. As with other season, a wood fence do well in this type of condition.



A Helenium is a type of daisy that blooms to be a dull yellow daisy-like flower of the natural kind, extending the varieties to include every likely shade of gold, orange, red, and brown.



Sedum is a perfect fall flower that could be an ideal match for a fence. They are a cranberry coloration, and it can grow to be about 18 inches tall.

We highly encourage you to hire a professional to maintain your wooden fences. After or before the winter, there are lots of benefits to keep your wooden fences. Wood fences could last up to 20 years upwards if they received routine maintenance. 

The Fence Masters has been installing and repairing wooden fences in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas for about more than 20 years in the business. We guarantee our work and materials that we are using to exceed your expectations. We have an A+ rating at the BBB.

Better Material Better Installation Better Fence

When you need a reliable fence builder for the projects that requires perimeter security and control to your property, choose The Fence Masters.

We are not the cheapest, and that is not our goal. Our goal is to:

Do it right the first time.

Provide high-quality materials that will last for years to come.

Provide you with prompt, courteous service.

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